HDI BEE Ultra is a combination of Propoelix, Bee Pollen and Royale Jelly plus natural ingredients that can increase male stamina and vitality.

This supplement contains Propolix, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Panax Ginseng Radix Extract, Avena Sativa Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Ashwagandha Extract.

Contents per pack: 60 capsules / bottle

Tips for use: Take 2 capsules every day to feel the benefits


Step 1

Take 2 Capsules of BEE Ultra

In the Morning


Step 2

Do Activities

Every day with excellence


Step 3

Feel the Performance

Best at Night


Step 4

Repeat All Step

1 and 3 Routinely

How it Works

Testosterone is the key hormone for men when it comes to sex. These hormones are crucial for muscle growth, weight loss and optimal health. Unfortunately, testosterone levels in men are currently lower than they should be. This is due to an unhealthy modern lifestyle or a wrong diet.

BEE Ultra functions as a natural testosterone hormone regulator, changing male testosterone levels to healthy levels in a short time while increasing body resistance (immunity) increasing energy and helping improve sperm quality.

Designed to be 100% safe and natural, BEE Ultra you can count on to bring back the "sting".


Propolis Extrace (Propoelix™)

Bee Polen

Royal Jelly

Panax Ginseng Radix Extract

Avena Sativa Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Ashwaganda Extract (Withania

Somnifera Radix)

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About Macho

Macho is the official mascot of BEE Ultra. We chose him because.. yep, he looks like a bee which you won't want to deal with! Apart from that, there is an interesting fact: Male bees only have one goal in life, which is to mate with the queen bee. The queen bee was flying in the air with many male bees surrounding her. Unfortunately, the male bee can be said to only be "one time use". After mating with the queen bee 7-10 times and tasting ejaculation, they withdraw and the endhophallus* is detached from their body, causing them to die. In fact, male bees that are able to survive will still be expelled from their nests because they are considered to have expired because they have mate with the queen bee.

Our idea with BEE Ultra is that Macho can go through and go through this “process” over and over and satisfy the queen bee again and again and again without worrying about the endhophallus being damaged or destroyed. If the queen bee is satisfied, Macho doesn't have to leave the hive. Although we don't know yet if it will be possible, but we wish Macho all the best. With the help of BEE Ultra, we hope he will become ultra Macho!!! (BEE Ultra Macho!!!).

*endhophallus = penis



Why was BEE Ultra created and developed?

BEE Ultra was developed to help men restore their masculinity naturally. Some want to have a baby, some want to be more intimate with their partner. However, the most important thing is a matter of confidence. Restore men's confidence and let them rule the world. We want all men to be ultra confident! (BEE Ultra Confident!).

Where is the BEE Ultra manufacturing process?

BEE Ultra is manufactured in our R&D laboratory in the United States and manufactured in Indonesia according to the highest GMP standards. Our ingredients come from the best sources and have been tested for freshness and suitability. The overall production goes through a strict and controlled process.

What are the benefits of using BEE Ultra?

We cannot make unilateral claims. But according to some users who have tried*, here are some real benefits of BEE Ultra:

  • “I can now get an erection faster and last longer. My wife says it feels bigger.”
  • “When I woke up in the morning after two days of taking BEE Ultra, I had an erection in the morning. In fact, I haven't experienced that for the last 10 years!”
  • “Some of the drugs I tried made an erection that seemed forced. But with BEE Ultra, I feel like a young kid – just need a little stimulus and I'm ready to go.”
  • “BEE Ultra has helped me increase my energy, stamina and endurance both in and out of bed”
  • “Wow! It never crossed my mind to be able to feel an orgasm as powerful as this!”
  • "I feel an increase in sexual arousal and blood flow around the pubic area feels smoother"
  • “Selembar tisu tidak cukup untuk menampung seluruh sperma yang saya hasilkan”
  • “Emotions feel more stable at the same time accompanied by increased self-confidence”
  • “My partner said that I looked sexier and more muscular after consuming BEE Ultra regularly. I am now more motivated to excercise more.”
  • “I can now take care of the endophallus and not be kicked out of the nest. Wonderful!!!"**

*according to responses from 35 men who have tried BEE Ultra.

**according to the response of a bee

What kind of performance can be expected after using BEE Ultra?

Harder, stronger, longer, better… what kind of performance can you deliver? That's the question we want to ask.

How long does it take after consuming BEE Ultra to feel the benefits?

Users who have tried BEE Ultra feel the benefits in varying times, namely 2-3 hours (the fastest) and 2-3 days (the slowest). BEE Ultra itself is a natural supplement, how quickly the benefits are felt also depends on the user's health condition. The better your health, the sooner you can feel the benefits.

Are there any harmful side effects?

So far, no users have reported any side effects… except for feeling more excited, or a partner always asking for “more” as a side effect.

How long can the benefits of BEE Ultra last?

The efficacy of BEE Ultra can last for 2-3 days after consumption.

Is BEE Ultra safe for daily consumption?

Of course! We strongly recommend that you consume it regularly to feel the maximum benefits.

Is BEE Ultra classified as a halal product?

Yes! BEE Ultra already has a halal certificate and has passed various required tests.